The Fiberglass Shop of Fort Lauderdale provides solutions for a wide range of industrial, commercial and recreational market. We design innovation parts for applications in architecture, marine components, civil architecture, agricultural industry, art, transportation and more. We proudly supply the cruise line industry with our services in the US and overseas. Our services include:
  • High tech fiberglass custom fabrication
  • Fiberglass boat repair, improvement and repair
  • Yacht refit and restoration
  • Custom upgrade work (Hard tops, hull extensions, etc.)
  • Treatment of surfaces for painting yachts
  • Custom paint, gel coat and bright work finishes
  • Manufacture of interior and exterior designs
  • Restoration of antique vessels
  • Construction of fiberglass water and fuel tanks
  • Installation of sound-insulation in engine room
  • Construction of smaller vessels to order
  • Fabrication of water slides, jacuzzi tubs and bases with steps
  • Repair black water fiberglass collecting tanks for cruises
  • Preparation of vessels for national & int'l shipping
  • Manufacture of unique store displays
  • Fabrication of fiberglass panels
  • Certified infrared thermography reports
  • Certified antifoul application with manufacturer warranty
  • Insurance claim preparation and filing
  • Delamination and osmotic blistering corrective work
  • Manufacturer warranty repairs
  • Manufacture of aircraft new and replacement parts

Fiberglass Moldings

The Fiberglass Shop Fort Lauderdale have much experience in the manufacturing of fiberglass moldings and products for the following industry sectors: Architectural, Automotive, Aviation, Communications, Construction, Engineering, Exhibition, Leisure, Hygiene, Marine, Transportation and bespoke specialist applications.
Over the years the Fiberglass shop fort Lauderdale brand has become synonymous with quality at competitive prices, we are approved suppliers of superior quality fiberglass moldings to many companies both in the United States and the global market place, our reputation for reliability and quality of service is endorsed by our clients worldwide.
During our time in the composites industry we have undertaken a vast range of molding and repair projects for most industry sectors; this work ranges from;
  • Signage, Fiberglass signs, shop interiors and kiosks.
  • Architectural, fascia‚Äôs & cladding, interior/exterior detail.
  • Automotive, wind deflectors, high tops, body kits.
  • Aviation, cowlings, wheel spats, components.
  • Construction, form work, lift shaft liners.
  • Engineering, covers, guards, housings, enclosures.
  • Exhibition, components, stands, themed pieces.
  • Hygiene, shower trays & cubicles, baths.
  • Leisure, theme park rides, flumes & slides.
  • Marine, boat hulls &, associated components.
  • Specialist applications, lining, fabrications & prototypes.
  • Transportation, seats, covers, bodywork.

Marine Fiberglass Applications

The Fiberglass Shop Fort Lauderdale brings together the specialized technical skills of many years experience and when combined with our marine expertise we are able to undertake all repairs from minor gel coat work to major collision damage, many of our key staff have over 15 years experience within the marine composites industry to draw from, we view this expertise as the corner stone of our business, and this is easily identified in the quality of workmanship demonstrated.
The Fiberglass Shop Fort Lauderdale are a GRP manufacturer, specializing in the design and manufacture of superior quality glass fiber moldings for all industries, our extensive manufacturing experience has afforded us the opportunity to understand the technical dynamics behind fiberglass product failure and thus a greater understanding of repair methods.
During our time in the marine industry we have undertaken a diverse range of repair and manufacture, this work ranges from;
  • Consultancy
  • Design assistance
  • Product development & evaluation
  • Tooling
  • Manufacture
  • Sub assemble & the addition of peripheral components
  • Delivery & installation
  • After sales support and ongoing maintenance.
  • Consultancy
  • Design assistance
  • Product development & evaluation
  • Tooling
  • Manufacture
  • Sub assemble & the addition of peripheral components
  • Delivery & installation
  • After sales support and ongoing maintenance.

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