The Fiberglass Shop of Fort Lauderdale provides solutions for a wide range of

industrial, commercial and recreational market. We design innovation parts for

applications in architecture, marine components, civil architecture, agricultural

industry, art, transportation and more. We proudly supply the cruise line industry

with our services in the US and overseas. Our services include:


• High tech fiberglass custom fabrication.

• Fiberglass boat repair, improvement and repair.

• Custom upgrade work. (Hard tops, hull extensions, etc.)

• Treatment of surfaces for painting yachts.

• Custom paint, gel coat and bright work finishes.

• Manufacture of interior and exterior designs.

• Restoration of antique vessels.

• Construction of fiberglass water and fuel tanks.

• Construction of smaller vessels to order.

• Fabrication of water slides, jacuzzi tubs and bases with steps.

• Repair black water fiberglass collecting tanks for cruise ships.

• Preparation of vessels for national & int'l shipping.

• Manufacture of unique store displays.

• Fabrication of fiberglass panels.

• Certified infrared thermography reports.

• Certified antifoul application with manufacturer warranty.

• Insurance claim preparation and filing.

• Delamination and osmotic blistering corrective work.

• Manufacturer warranty repairs.






High tech fiberglass custom fabricationThe biggest fiberglass candy canes project

Fiberglass fabrication of smaller vesselsWave project

Jacuzzi tub modification and sunbedsHideout project

Fiberglass bow extensionsM/Y Barbara Gail project

Fiberglass custom hard top manufacture